Photo Inspiration for WiP

I missed the boat on yesterday’s Road Trip Wednesday (What photos are inspiring your current WIP?), in part because I’m not cool enough to have a Pinterest folder ready to be whipped out on-demand, and also because I technically have two WIPs going right now. (And 1.5 manuscripts in editing. Am I cool or what? I’m cool, right? Don’t tell me if I’m not.)

So instead of sharing photos for SEKRET 2: MOAR SEKRETER, which I obviously can’t tell you about it because it’s SEKRET, I’ll let you have a little peek at another WIP I’m tinkering with in my free time, which doesn’t really have a name yet but is tentatively titled ENCLAVE and is a YA story and kind of contemporary but also a little bit futuristic:

So, what do you think ENCLAVE is about?


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