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Weekly Recap

Another two-week recap. Someday I’ll be caught up~


New Releases This Week


This Week in Cover Reveals


And some new book deals announced that I’m ridiculously excited for:

The Girl with the Red Balloon by Katherine Locke

Mirage by Somaiya Daud

The Wanderings of Dessa Rose by Lauren Spieller


This Week on the Internet

How do you take your writing to the next level? from Janice Hardy

When In Doubt, Write What You Love: Chuck Wendig on dodging burnout, or why I can have one month where I write 20K words and hate every second, or why I can (currently) hit 70K in a month and still want to do more.


This Week in Writing (aka why I’m behind on recaps again)


This Week in Reading

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Weekly Recap

Hi, friends! I’ve been radio silent for the past few weeks dealing with an avalanche of deadlines and a tyranny of promotional events (including for the stellar A Tyranny of Petticoats anthology, in which I have a story)! So this weekly recap will actually be for the past few weeks. Mea culpa.


The Past Few Weeks In New Releases


The Past Few Weeks in Cover Reveals

(I know I missed a TON, so I apologize!)


These Past Few Weeks in Internet Reading

Moneyball for Book Publishing – Reader habits data and what it could mean for how books get produced down the line.

What Authors Can and Can’t Control in Traditional Publishing

On writing a “middle-finger book” from Nova Ren Suma. I feel this deeply.

“I just don’t identify with the character” – an in-depth look at how editors and publishers perpetuate homogenous identities and experiences in children’s literature, and how they can create lasting and meaningful diversity.


These Past Few Weeks in Writing

(ie, why I’ve sucked at blogging lately)

Finished line edits on A Darkly Beating Heart! This was a mad, exhilarating sprint and I’m in such a better place now about this book.

Finished up a slew of freelance work.

Loads and loads of fun promotional events for A Tyranny of Petticoats!

Write some fun bonus material for a forthcoming promotional effort for The Witch Who Came In From the Cold. More information soon . . .

Great progress on Ghosts of Grimley, my first foray into middle grade.

I’ve finished the outline and I’m full steam ahead on my next YA project, which will also be my Camp NaNoWriMo draft for April.

…And finally, I’m writing a Valentin POV story as a gift for everyone who signs up for my newsletter on or before April 19th, to celebrate the paperback releases of Sekret and Skandal! (There’s loads of other goodies in the #SekretSkandal giveaway too, so don’t miss out!)

P.S.: If you’d like to keep up with me and all my wild writing pursuits, plus use a great project tracker for your own writing, join me on My Write Club!

The Past Few Weeks in Reading


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Weekly Recap

New Releases


Cover Reveals



Accomplished in Writing

Completed revisions on the season finale of The Witch Who Came In From the Cold. Very bittersweet! But chances are very good we have another season on the horizon . . .

Drafted a short story for a guest spot on The Hanging Garden. These ladies produce what I think is the best free YA fiction on the web these days.

Great progress on the middle grade draft, Ghosts of Grimley. I even talked a little bit about it in my outlining post this week.

…And always, freelance work. I’m looking on track to hit my 45K goal for February if I can keep up this momentum!


Upcoming Events

Added a few new events over there->

TULSA, OK: Signing at Barnes & Noble next weekend!

A Tyranny of Petticoats Launch Party at One More Page on March 11th!


This Week in Reading

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Weekly Recap

New Releases


Cover Reveals


This Week in Writing

I turned in revisions for A Darkly Beating Heart! Unburdened at last, I slumbered for aeons and awoke to bluebirds at my window and a gentle melody of hahaha just kidding I got really drunk and played Heroes of the Storm and then started a new book because I hate myself or something.

Started drafting a middle grade novel. Guys. Middle grade is FUN. It’s short and straightforward and can be utterly absurd and holy crap I just might write this book in record time. It helps that I technically have written this book a few times before. I concocted it way back in 2004, when I first thought that writing children’s literature might be fun. Then I wrote it in 2010 as a NaNoWriMo YA novel, but it felt a little too young. Now at long last, I’ve worked up my MG nerve and I’m loving every word.

Decent progress on freelance work. See: unburdened; really drunk.

Favorite line written: My life got a whole lot more interesting after I died.


This Week in Other Stuff

Beyonce’s splendid, self-assured “Formation” set the op-ed sections on fire, but my favorite so far comes from Camryn Garrett.

Cassandra Clare is no stranger to plagiarism accusations, but this new lawsuit from adult urban fantasy writer Sherrilyn Kenyon makes me deeply concerned about the future potential for people to claim ownership of tropes, mythology, and the very pillars of certain subgenres.

Skull Poop L is smashing R-rated comic book records, and rightfully so. Husband and I immensely enjoyed ourselves and look forward to plenty more Merc-with-a-Mouth movies to come.

Can it just please be May 6th already. Me and my feels need to go writhe on the floor a bit.

Played through Firewatch, a gorgeous but weird mid-life crisis of a game, with Husband. I imagine I might have felt very differently about this game were I younger, and that makes me feel sad and old but also thankful for all that I have.

Reading Now

JUST VISITING (Dahlia Adler) was SO FREAKING GOOD. The ultimate best-friendship book with secrets, rawness, struggles, self-reinvention, and 8 different kinds of yearning. I want a million more.

. . . and beta-reading a friend’s phenomenal dark, twisty, gloriously villainous YA fantasy. Agents, lmk if you’re interested–you want this book <3

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Weekly Recap

New Releases


The Witch Who Came In From the Cold’s second episode released this week from Cassandra Rose Clarke, and we got an awesome review from Ilana C. Myer on!

Cover Reveals


On the Web This Week

A further conversation discussing the Diversity in Publishing survey results, and why it’s so damn hard to get publishers to take risks.

Self-publishers becoming boutique publishers, banding together for better marketing and leverage.

Justina Ireland provides an introduction to the diversity conversation and soundly debunks some of the most comment protestations on the need for diversity.


Writing This Week

  • Second pass on my revisions for A Darkly Beating Heart. Involving even more tearing apart and putting back together. Some motivations have changed, sending ripples throughout the manuscript, and doing my damnedest to hunt them all down.
  • Prepped about 70% of the outline for my next project, which I’ll start writing when ADBH edits are off next week. This one’s been sitting in my head for over a decade and enjoyed a brief incarnation as a YA NaNoWriMo book in 2010, but it’s getting turned into something else entirely. Not sure if I want to look at the old draft, or if I should just plunge onward!
  • No real word count to speak of. Boo, editing.


Reading, Watching, Playing

My husband is prepping a fun witch hunter/Bloodborne-esque D&D campaign and we decided to watch The Last Witch Hunter for ~aesthetic~. We expected nothing but thoroughly enjoyed it!

Li-Ming, the Diablo III wizard, released in Heroes of the Storm. Unsurprisingly, she is my new favorite and I’m having far too much fun being a vicious little glass cannon with laser beams.

If you haven’t seen the music video for Genghis Khan yet, just stop what you’re doing and go.

And I’ve been reading . . .