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Weekly Recap

This Week’s Releases


Cover Reveals


Tristina Wright discusses allowing male characters to show emotions in YA.

Riley Redgate wrote about female self-hatred in fiction and life, and the need for confident girls.

Jennifer Garam on how to keep writing when no one gives a shit.

And I shared my Further Thoughts on Outlining.


Accomplished in Writing

  • Added a chapter to rhymes-with-“fey hairwolves.” Revised outline from here to the end of the book (which is staggeringly close!).
  • Added a chapter to sithbaby trashfic. Plotted secondary trashfic with co-conspirator. Reveled in trash. Glorious trash.
  • Filled in the remaining scenes for the final episode of The Witch Who Came In from the Cold, Season 1! Just in time for Wednesday’s launch!
  • More progress on A Darkly Beating Heart revisions. Almost ready to start second pass on these edits.
  • Progress on freelance work.

Favorite line written: “We aren’t the only ones with monsters beneath our skin.”



Winter Storm Jonas has buried husband, dog, and me under a couple feet of snow for the foreseeable future, but we still have power, so I’m not seeing the downside?

Snow sheltie. #dogsofinstagram #sheltiesofinstagram

A photo posted by Lindsay Smith (@lindsaysmithdc) on

I’m taking the opportunity to catch up on books, movies and TV shows that I’ve missed out on over the past . . . ummm . . . five months or so. Whoops. Reading Six of Crows and Last Song Before Night; watching The Martian and Agent Carter, Season 2. Wondering how many days I can get away with working from home next week, given that our car is currently little more than a bump beneath the dense blanket of snow.


Next week: everything you ever wanted to know about writing a serialized fiction adventure with some of the awesomest names in SFF, and probably plenty you didn’t! Subscribe to The Witch Who Came In From the Cold now so you don’t miss out on kickboxing KaGeBezniks, socialist socialites, spell-casting Brits, one extremely magically tormented CIA officer, and a station chief who once killed five four six men with a shovel in the Korean War.

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