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Welcome to Wordsmiths!

Blogging can be a real chore, and in the past year or so, I’ve seen many authors and book bloggers lament declining interest in blogs. But sometimes I have Writing Thoughts that just don’t fit my Twitter aesthetic of sarcastic self-deprecation or my Tumblr aesthetic of Soviet architecture and Kylo Ren gifs. And lately I’ve been having craft-related conversations with people that always seem to end with, “Damn. We should have said this all online.”

So, here I am! Low-key blogging about writing and reading and productivity. I’m also going to start hosting Twitter hangouts dedicated toward building a stronger writing community. Even after becoming published, one of my favorite things is to talk about the writing process with authors at every stage, from award-winning multi-published stars to those still finishing their first manuscript. So I’ll keep the conversation going here, share my experiences, and offer glimpses into what I’m working on.

And I’d love to hear from you, too! Tell me in the comments your 2016 resolutions/goals/aspirations related to writing and reading, and I’ll incorporate them into the next post.

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